IMG_1326_ps.jpg  This tall tree and I have one thing in common. Our height. We’re abnormally tall. The way the stem of the tree lingers on. The way the branches allow in rays of light. The very tip of the tree snuggles against the white, welcoming sky.  Tall, yet gorgeous.


Christianity or God?

IMG_1287_ps.jpg  Some say that being Christian and believing in God are two different things. With that being said, being Christian is a religion. It’s bible-studies, attending church events, bible reads daily, family prays before meals, and many more rules and regulations. But I say that believing in God gives you freedom. To get God’s love is easy, don’t. He already does and always will.

I believe in God and his Word. I believe strongly in Christ, and I am not and WILL not be ashamed.

I used rule of thirds in this picture.