friend  Some time in February, I lost a very close friend to me of 3 years. I cannot mention a name, but she was very important and helped me to grow. We were utterly inseparable. Nobody could tear us apart…except ourselves, and that’s exactly what happened. Thankfully, I’ve grown up since then, I don’t cry over her as often as I used to, but every now and then, something that we listened to together, watched, laughed about, or did will pop up in my memory and a wave of sadness will wash over me, what ifs start flowing through my head, then moments later I regret everything. You see… she wasn’t just a friend. People don’t seem to understand that she was more than that. I told her secrets I’ve never told anybody. What really pains me the most is knowing no matter what I say or do she will never be brought back to me. That knowing that I gave her my all, my entire being, all my effort..was for nothing but a waste. It’s for the best, she says. She’s better off, she told me. But I’m not and I never will be. She is always a friend to me. I feel no hate towards her. But seeing her everyday in class really gets to me. Simply put, I will never forget our time together and the things you’ve taught me. I’m truly sorry again…




I recently started watching the series LOST. In the series, the crash their airplane onto this deserted island. It’s not what they planned, not what they wanted, but they made the best out of their situation. I often think while watching this show how I’d handle the situation. I’d be pretty emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually lost.


IMG_1352_ps copy                                                                                                                                                                   Q. We hardly ever use this letter for anything. It’s value is often taken for granted for it is still apart of the English alphabet.


IMG_1342_ps  I walked around Old Town and say what looked like graffiti but thankfully isn’t. What a world we live in that people have to go around and destroy it.  This got me thinking about how much I admire our world. When I look out the window of a car, even on my bad days, I attempt to find beauty in the unseen.


IMG_1336_ps.jpg  M. For mom. This may sound cheesy, but she’s given more than I’ve needed. For that I am thankful. She’s a very strong, independent, caring person. Putting aside the fact that we’re related, she’s great. She influenced me to shoot for the stars and to never for a second think of God any less. She put God on a pedestal in hopes I would heal. She’s not just my mom but also my guardian. So here, this ones for you mom.